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Hey lovely, hope you’re well and having a great week. It’s great to have you stop by on this beautiful day.

As mentioned on my last post, today we’ll be looking at a few tips in the hopes of aiding effective schedule planning.  These quick tips have been very much helpful over the past few weeks; I couldn’t bear to keep them to myself.

Diving straight in;

  • Identify your goals: In identifying your goals, don’t just acknowledge it, WRITE it down – be specific too. You are more likely to remain committed to a task when it is visibly noted, as there is a sense of obligation and responsibility that is automatically embedded on one. Noting task also enables you remain focused, and encourages the desire to perform.
  • Set minor landmarks: Set mini targets, whether daily or hourly, which contributes to the achievement of the task at hand. Reviewing such tasks helps to keep track of your progress and the effectiveness of working strategies.
  • Remain in sync with your priorities: Using the end result as motivations, avoid distractions at all cost. Put in place literal strategies to prevent distractions from sipping in. I.e. switch off your phone or restricting yourself to a working environment.


You probably are now wondering, “Is that really it?” Yes, it sure is. All our goals and aspiration require of us is that we remain committed to the process of achieving. Doing so, success is inevitable.

I hope these tips are helpful! For more insight on productivity, be sure to check out my previous posts on the subject here, here and here.


Be Right Back,

Funmi xx

  1. I started my own business this year and planning is the key to keeping everyone on track. I have a huge calendar in my apartment, I have an old fashion paper planner, and I also utilize my phone calendar, and things still fall through the cracks. Thanks for the tips Funmi 🙂

  2. Fantastic tips! Identify the objectives is the most difficult thing to think but it’s the start of the future progress 🙂

    xoxo dear ❤
    Melania | mimalditadulzura.com

  3. Good read. I am so bad at this but reading this I definitely would work on it more. Especially writing a to do list and working towards it every hour instead of just panicking at the last minute:( and rushing everything.

  4. Thank you for these great tips Funmi, I especially appreciate the last one as my phone is a big distraction. I realised that when I’m without it, I don’t miss it. Isn’t that weird? Good one

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