Hi all, happy new yeaaar!

Hope you’re well, and are having a great start to the year. It’s the fourth day already! Given time, we’ll be celebrating the end of it, with people reflecting on how productive the year has been.

Coupled with the advent of a new year comes the desire to renew threshold in specific life areas, if not all. Occasionally, such desires usually aren’t attained, mainly due to the lack clarity or lack of enthusiasm to perform.

Goal setting is an important aspect of life, which enables an individual achieve that which they’d like to see become a reality. It gives an insight into one’s long-term aspirations and short-term plans. Effective goal-setting will require lots of care and attention when being implemented. Below, I’ll state a few strategies which will help with the effective setting of goals.

1 – Start with prayer: As a Christian, I believe our aspirations should go beyond that which we personally require. We should aim to influence the world around us. With such idea in mind, we can only but know what area of life we all have been designed to reach by consulting God. He knows us best, and following His leading does help attain that which we desire in a more precise manner.

2 – Write it down: It’s occasionally said that goals written down are better accomplished significantly than those that aren’t. I find this an accurate statement. Writing things down creates some sense of obligation and accountability that encourages the desire to perform. Don’t just write it down, be specific too. Add extra notes to explain the point, if needed. There’ll be no point going back to your notes and then wonder why you’d made note of a point.

3 – Be specific: I believe goals should be set in categories; it simplifies the process. What areas of life do they fall into – I.e. Career, Finance, Family/Relationships, Social/Travel, Physical/Fitness?  Classifying goals does help to further provide clarity as to what needs to be attained.

4 – Be realistic: You know what’s attainable, be honest with yourself! Some might automatically think this point contradicts the first in the sense that it requires an inward assessment. No, it won’t. Trust me lol. The Bible does say God is faithful, He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. I will add to that – God is wise, He will not give you more than your capacity can hold!

If a goal isn’t measureable, there’s no way of telling whether it will be achievable.

5 – Set deadlines: I set goals first against the year, then against months. It inevitably works as a puzzle, by the end of the year which all comes together to form a picture. Once again, be realistic with deadlines.

6 – Be committed: Stay committed to the plan. Don’t give up or give in. Encourage yourself always, and use the end result as motivations. Note; commitment to little things always lead to a reign on the bigger things. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. No opportunity or task should be seen as irrelevant. Lessons learnt from a minor task could be skills needed for a major appointment.

7 – Enjoy the process: I’ll ask that you try to enjoy the process as best as you can. Don’t overload your schedule that you then find it difficult executing tasks effectively. Celebrate every success and assess every failure.

I do hope these points are helpful. Do you have other strategies you practice which have proven effective or successful? Please share them below, would love know.


I do hope you have a great and fruitful year.

Much Love xx




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