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Hi all, hope you’re well and had a great weekend. I certainly did, but it all seemed so short. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to week ahead.

Ever hoped for a productive week and something occurs, offsetting you from your agenda? Well, I’ve got a few tips to help you stay on track.


  • Prioritise: It is with no doubt that we all have heard of this one before. Prioritising tasks involves putting and doing what’s important first. Whilst this might be apparent, what happens when the first task is done? I’ll advise that you revisit the list and prioritise AGAIN. Reason being, what seemed unimportant at the onset might have become a priority, even without you realising.
  • Single Purpose Focus: In essence – taking one thing at a time. It is okay to focus your attention on one particular task, after which you may go on to another. This ensures that your undivided attention, energy and skills are dedicated to the success of the task.Those who are great at or prefer multitasking, if they would admit, often revert back to this strategy. It prevents the mind from being overloaded with too many information, therefore causing misinterpretation of data.
  • Be Realistic: Many goals fail at their onset for the fact that they are not reasonably set. In order for goals to be deemed as realistic, it is essential that whilst they may be ambitious, they need to be achievable – bearing in mind the individual’s skill set. Another factor to bear in mind is time. Constraining a task to the wrong time frame will only lead to frustration.
  • Block out Distractions: Ensure you stay loyal to your identified task. Anything besides that, unless priority status changes, needs to be avoided.
  • Work Hard and Work Smart: Unless you do the work, the task will remain undone. In the process of achieving, seek smart and quicker ways of getting round a task in less time. Having said that, don’t compromise quality at the expense of time.


I do hope these points are helpful. Do you have any other tips you practice that were not mentioned above? Please share, would love to know.

MAKE  a great week all!


Be right back,

Funmi xx

  1. Hey hon, glad you had a good wkend. these are great tips. The one that I need drilled in my head is to work smart, I work veeery hard but life has taught me that working smart is where it’s at! ( :

    1. Darling, we both are learning. I work hard also, but lately I’ve been seeking ways to work smart. It definitely makes each task seem easier and quicker to achieve.

      Hope you had a lovely weekend xx

    1. Keeping up the momentum when necessary is definitely a great idea. Besides, you feel less guilty on times you decide to slump 😉 xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by Alice. Yes, speed and efficiency are essential – I’m always seeking new ways to achieve that.
      Have a lovely week xx

    1. You’re so right! This mostly occurs as a result of not paying enough attention to each task, allowing room to making mistakes that have to be corrected.

      Hope you have a great week xx

    1. Definitely working from home can be very challenging. I sometimes set cafe work hours for the week, just so I’m out of the home environment. xx

    1. Single purpose focus is certainly a great idea. I’ve noticed that on most occasions it takes the same time working on a thing as a time as multitasking.

      Hope you have a great week lovely xx

    1. There certainly isn’t enough time in a day to achieve a lot. Being realistic is essential to not being frustrated at the end of the day. xx

    1. Distractions are not so easily avoided, darling. It sometimes take great effort – I think everyone constantly work on that. xx

  2. Being productive with your time is so important and these tips have been super helpful. I have heard too that it’s good to make a to-do list of 3 things everyday. The reason 3, because it’s a number that’s achievable, if you write down everything you have to do at once then it will seem overwhelming, so I think this is a good strategy to take.

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