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Jacket: Asos | Top: Miss Selfridge | Jeans: New Look | Heels: River Island


Hi all, hope you’re well and had a great week!

How’s your weekend going; any fun?

What do you do when you have a task at hand, but don’t feel like doing it? The decision you make at such point will speak highly of your commitment to the task.

Commitment does not grant rights to decide when to or when not to – it’s never a matter of convenience. However, it subjects one to an obliged role of responsibility. It requires dedication and loyalty – you’re either in or out!

Whilst it’s easier said than done, without it, success will remain unattainable. It’s not enough having hopes and dreams; working it through, and sometimes through it, is paramount.

Personally, I’ve always admired physical fitness. Whilst I may desire such for myself and at most times work towards the set goals, any interruption to my schedule will usually set me off *turns a blind eye to pizza as she continues to write*. So come Monday, getting back to the workouts baybeh!

Do you have any set goals you’re having difficulties staying committed to? How about you spend this weekend reassessing your goals -ensuring they are realistic and achievable- and putting in place strategies that will better enable you to achieve them.

Let’s endeavour to stay committed to whatever the cause might be. We can do it!


Be right back,

Funmi xx











Images by Jon Osibo.

    1. I think abiding by fitness regimes is one a lot of people find challenging. I can’t even bear to take myself to the gym. I do home workouts, and a run in the park occasionally. Haha xx

  1. Hey Funms! In the words of P-Square- E no easy eh! Commitment takes a lot of discipline…take writing my blog for example, as I delve more into writing SEO content etc, it gets so much harder to stay consistent with my posts esp. as blogging is not my main job but the year is nearly ending and when I reflect its so impt to me that I feel like I did my best, so onwards I go!
    Fab bomber jacket btw, have an awesome week! ( :
    Ps when you comment on my blog and I try and click on your website there to get to your blog, your website link does not take me anywhere, i.e. I have to open your blog on another page…wanted you to know….

    1. Darling, we can all sing that song all day long! Staying committed is definitely not a walk in the park. I very much agree, as I don’t do this full time also.

      Thank you so much for pointing that out; might be because the hyperlink wasn’t included.I’ll look into it.

      Hope you have a great week xx

  2. wow, you look good i must confess. As for goals, i had three goals to accomplished at the beginning of this year but have achieved two of them and really hoping to do all..

    Trust is, the third goal has to do with physical fitness and going to the gym. I want to have bigger laps. First time i was at the the gym, my sister was like what are you doing here? Am slim already lol…

    Nice post, love your outfits and the smile you put up there girl.

    1. Wow that’s awesome, you have made great progress.
      I think fitness fails a goo number of us lol. I hoped to try the gym also, but on arriving, I turned back at the door. Haha. Found it a tad intimidating. I now work out at home, or go for runs in the park.

      Thanks for stopping by darling xx

  3. So true what you said about commitment. One thing I’m still working on is committing fully to my blog. There’s still a lot of work to be done and I’m trying to reassess my goals so everything fits in just right. I totally love the colour combination of your outfit. Love your crop top and jacket.

  4. Love this! Thank you for sharing! Sometimes we all need a little reminder to stay committed and not lose sight of your dreams!

    Gem+Elli |

  5. Ohh I wish I could go back to gym, I also need to stay fit most especially i’m getting bigger than ever. hayyyss 🙁 But at the moment I can’t commit due to time problem. 🙁

    xoxo, Katrina

    1. Darling, you don’t need to go to the gym to stay fit. I have the same dilemma, but Working out at home and walking more often has helped.

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a great week xx

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