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Hi all, hope you’re well and having a great start to the week.

It’s getting close to two years since I started blogging. I thought I’d share with you 20 random facts about me, so you get to know me a tad more personally. So here they are; hope you enjoy reading.


  1. My name is Funmi, pronounced as /fu-me /. The ‘n’ is silent.
  2. A lady should be proud of her age; I’m 25.
  3. I’m unsure as to how tall I am, but I tell people I’m 5’6.
  4. I studied Law at university.
  5. Whilst I love Fashion, I loathe shopping. Weird? Yes, just feel it’s all so long. If I should, I definitely would go alone. I am sorry I don’t want to keep reassuring you you don’t look fat in that. *Covers face*
  6. I’ve only been blogging for just under two years. I started with the intention of showcasing my Cape design.
  7. I’m a sociable introvert. I’m a fun-loving individual who although enjoys her company a little too much (as a friend puts it), very much likes to socialise particularly with people I’m comfortable around, like you. Yes, you reading! Having said that, I do like meeting and engaging with new people. Am I really an introvert?
  1. I think I’m funny; I can make a good joke out of anything. Try me!
  2. Don’t put me on the spot – my voice gets deeper! Although I love it.
  3. I’m very observant and analytic. I can tell a lot from first conversations.
  4. I sing professionally, also in my church’s choir.
  5. I’d love to learn to play the bass guitar!
  6. I’m never entirely impressed by what I do; I’m quite hard on myself. I am a firm believer of there always being room for improvement.
  7. I always spray bottled or canned items into the air before applying on myself. For example, perfume, body spray, makeup setting spray. I’m unsure why I developed the habit, but it feels right. Haha.
  8. I don’t have a favourite anything, but I do have some go-to’s:
  • Colours: Black.
  • Food: Anything with pasta/spaghetti – quick and easy!
  • Music: May I firstly put it out there that I LOVE Christmas songs. I listen to them all year round.

– Music medium: Soundcloud! There’s so much on there, and lots of new artists to discover.

– Artist: Currently loving Anthony Hamilton.

– Song I’m loving: Ife

  1. I’m not a product junkie. I tend to stick to what works; I’m loyal. Lol.
  2. I love action films, thrillers too. Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage, Denzel Washington – Yes, please!
  3. It’s very unlikely I’ll have breakfast before noon. It just never happens, even when I’m home.
  4. I love God.
  5. Haven’t had McDonald’s this year.


CHALLENGE: Do leave a random fact about you, would be great to know.

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Be Right Back,

Funmi xx

  1. Ms Funmi Fums- AT LAST I get to read this, WINK!! Erm, what’s this about listening to Crimbo songs all year around, I thought that was bad luck, anyhoo… I studied law too, like a gazillion years ago at KCL…and I love black too (as you will see from a lot of my Insta posts!) Hmmm, a random fact about me- I long to dance the Lambada in Brazil under the setting sun…erm, right, ok, have a good week hon! ( :

    1. Thanks Sharon; certainly is nice getting to know other bloggers more personally.
      I’m having a great week, thank you. Hope you are also xx

    1. I’m currently not practicing.
      Aw, I personally believe a good number of online personalities are shy in person. You’re not alone xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I currently don’t have a video of just myself singing; maybe it’s something I need to consider.
      Have a great weekend xx

  2. I love posts like this! I agree with you about shopping, not my favorite activity. And if, then definitely alone. So nice that you sing professionally! I also agree that there’s always room for improvement! I love spaghetti! Also whatever is easy, quick, practical. 🙂 Hope you have a very nice week!

  3. When i got to the last on the list and saw ”haven’t had McDonald’s this year, i couldnt help but let out some loud laughter.

    Love this post and may probably do same someday.

  4. Aw it was fun to get to know you more! I consider myself very observant and analytic too. One random fact about me would be that I used to teach women’s powerlifting! Haha so random I know. Most people don’t know that. Hope you are having a great week so far! And congrats on 1 year. 🙂


  5. Aww, you’re fun. I think I’m a sociable introvert too. A random fact about me post has been in my drafts since, I’d publish it soon enough. The only one coming to my head rn is that I have ‘r’ factor. Lol

    1. Haha, social introverts are the best. I believe we have the right balance between both ends.
      Can’t wait to read your facts.
      Happy Thanksgiving hun xx

    1. Haha, I’m glad this post is a reflective of how fun I am.
      Oh no, one of those preaching. I encountered such when attempting to purchase a monochrome bed cover; the lady suggested sleeping in black was never a great idea. LOL!

      How can you not like pawpaw, it’s so sweet :/

      Thanks for stopping by dear xx

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