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Hi all, hope you’re well and having a great start to the week.

It’s getting close to two years since I started blogging. I thought I’d share with you 20 random facts about me, so you get to know me a tad more personally. So here they are; hope you enjoy reading.


  1. My name is Funmi, pronounced as /fu-me /. The ‘n’ is silent.
  2. A lady should be proud of her age; I’m 25.
  3. I’m unsure as to how tall I am, but I tell people I’m 5’6.
  4. I studied Law at university.
  5. Whilst I love Fashion, I loathe shopping. Weird? Yes, just feel it’s all so long. If I should, I definitely would go alone. I am sorry I don’t want to keep reassuring you you don’t look fat in that. *Covers face*
  6. I’ve only been blogging for just under two years. I started with the intention of showcasing my Cape design.
  7. I’m a sociable introvert. I’m a fun-loving individual who although enjoys her company a little too much (as a friend puts it), very much likes to socialise particularly with people I’m comfortable around, like you. Yes, you reading! Having said that, I do like meeting and engaging with new people. Am I really an introvert?
  1. I think I’m funny; I can make a good joke out of anything. Try me!
  2. Don’t put me on the spot – my voice gets deeper! Although I love it.
  3. I’m very observant and analytic. I can tell a lot from first conversations.
  4. I sing professionally, also in my church’s choir.
  5. I’d love to learn to play the bass guitar!
  6. I’m never entirely impressed by what I do; I’m quite hard on myself. I am a firm believer of there always being room for improvement.
  7. I always spray bottled or canned items into the air before applying on myself. For example, perfume, body spray, makeup setting spray. I’m unsure why I developed the habit, but it feels right. Haha.
  8. I don’t have a favourite anything, but I do have some go-to’s:
  • Colours: Black.
  • Food: Anything with pasta/spaghetti – quick and easy!
  • Music: May I firstly put it out there that I LOVE Christmas songs. I listen to them all year round.

– Music medium: Soundcloud! There’s so much on there, and lots of new artists to discover.

– Artist: Currently loving Anthony Hamilton.

– Song I’m loving: Ife

  1. I’m not a product junkie. I tend to stick to what works; I’m loyal. Lol.
  2. I love action films, thrillers too. Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage, Denzel Washington – Yes, please!
  3. It’s very unlikely I’ll have breakfast before noon. It just never happens, even when I’m home.
  4. I love God.
  5. Haven’t had McDonald’s this year.


CHALLENGE: Do leave a random fact about you, would be great to know.

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Funmi xx

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  1. Go girl. You rock

  2. Great to get to know you a little better 🙂

    X Merel

  3. RANDOM FACT: I’m obsessed with oreos!

  4. Ms Funmi Fums- AT LAST I get to read this, WINK!! Erm, what’s this about listening to Crimbo songs all year around, I thought that was bad luck, anyhoo… I studied law too, like a gazillion years ago at KCL…and I love black too (as you will see from a lot of my Insta posts!) Hmmm, a random fact about me- I long to dance the Lambada in Brazil under the setting sun…erm, right, ok, have a good week hon! ( :

  5. That means courage! This is a good exercise to expose like this! Love ya!

  6. Love this post babe! Always so fun getting to know other bloggers. Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far! xo, sharon

    • Thanks Sharon; certainly is nice getting to know other bloggers more personally.
      I’m having a great week, thank you. Hope you are also xx

  7. Love this post! Thanks for sharing all these cool facts. So glad you explained how to pronounce your name. 🙂 I love Christmas songs too so I guess we are both excited about this upcoming season.

  8. Love reading these kinds of posts babe!! Always so fun to find out random facts about my fellow bloggers <3

    XO, Jessi

  9. This was a fun read! You have the same name as my oncologist! 🙂

  10. Nice post! Nice to know you a little bit better.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Xx, Raysa

  11. This was a great read and by the way are you practicing law today? Random fact about me: I am shy in person

    • I’m currently not practicing.
      Aw, I personally believe a good number of online personalities are shy in person. You’re not alone xx

  12. It’s good to learn more about blogger.
    love this post.

  13. Loved this post and finding out more about you. Have a great day! Gemma x

  14. Interesting post dear!
    Would love to hear you singing. Are there any videos on youtube? 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by. I currently don’t have a video of just myself singing; maybe it’s something I need to consider.
      Have a great weekend xx

  15. I love posts like this! I agree with you about shopping, not my favorite activity. And if, then definitely alone. So nice that you sing professionally! I also agree that there’s always room for improvement! I love spaghetti! Also whatever is easy, quick, practical. 🙂 Hope you have a very nice week!

  16. Loved learning more about you! You are so smart! Law is an awesome field!
    XO, Vanessa

  17. I love these kinds of posts! Can’t believe you don’t like shopping though! It’s my fave thing, haha xx

  18. When i got to the last on the list and saw ”haven’t had McDonald’s this year, i couldnt help but let out some loud laughter.

    Love this post and may probably do same someday.

  19. I’m not a product junkie either cause I like to use things up and not have to throw them away!
    Amy xx

  20. I love the fact that you LOVE GOD, you just became one of my favorite bloggers because of that. ??

  21. Aw it was fun to get to know you more! I consider myself very observant and analytic too. One random fact about me would be that I used to teach women’s powerlifting! Haha so random I know. Most people don’t know that. Hope you are having a great week so far! And congrats on 1 year. 🙂


  22. Love your post and I so want to learn the bass guitar too. 🙂 My random fact is that I’m absolutely crazy about pugs lol.

    XoXo Noma

  23. I love your number 14 spraying in the air, I do same .

  24. Random facts: I think am a Multi-Talented fellow

    First time here, and i hope to stay around a bit

  25. Aww, you’re fun. I think I’m a sociable introvert too. A random fact about me post has been in my drafts since, I’d publish it soon enough. The only one coming to my head rn is that I have ‘r’ factor. Lol

    • Haha, social introverts are the best. I believe we have the right balance between both ends.
      Can’t wait to read your facts.
      Happy Thanksgiving hun xx

  26. Lol! I can tell you’re a fun person by this post. Black used to be by favorite color till my mum preached me out of it. Random fact about me; I dislike pawpaw. Yuck!

    Evita In Progress

    • Haha, I’m glad this post is a reflective of how fun I am.
      Oh no, one of those preaching. I encountered such when attempting to purchase a monochrome bed cover; the lady suggested sleeping in black was never a great idea. LOL!

      How can you not like pawpaw, it’s so sweet :/

      Thanks for stopping by dear xx

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