Favourite Jumper



Jumper: Primark | Leather Trousers: Topshop | Boots: New Look

Bunny Ears: H&M | Purse: TKMaxx


Hi all, hope you are well and have had a great week!

On today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you what now seems to be my favourite jumper!

Bearing in mind I haven’t really shopped much in Primark this year (for no reason – besides, did you see my 5th point on my Get to know Me Post), I spontaneously went in there. Looking through the nooks and crannies…

That’s where people hide treasures when they are undecided about a purchase; hoping no one finds the items. Don’t ask how I know…okay, younger Funmi used to do it too *covers face*.

…as well as the main stalls, this jumper caught my eye. I thought for a second; this jumper, in Primark? Amidst thought, I grabbed it before anyone else did. Success. Unsure of what size I had in hand, scrambling through the rails hoping to find more and speaking to one of the store’s attendants, it became apparent that it was the only jumper of such nature to walk into their store.  I smiled anxiously. I, what seemed to be calmly, checked its size and it was perfect. It was in medium – I never get knit wear…

Well most clothing pieces – tops especially, never bottoms. Subject to style, most look better lose and free.

…in my actual size. I love everything about this knitwear; its style and the warmth it exhorts. It certainly is most perfect for the season upon us; easily could be worn to a festive occasion.

Hope you like it as much as I do. Do share below what your favourite fall piece is.


Be Right Back,

Funmi xx









Images by Jon Osibo

  1. You look tres jolie hon, Primark can sure pull out some bangers. I love the colours of your jumper- yellow and grey…AND WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE EARS I NEED THEM WHEN I ROCK MY TWAAAAAA. I have so many autumn pieces I love right now its hard to say….hmmmm, I’m really enjoying my oversized wool pieces… Have a lovely Sat ( :

    1. Girl, Primark does love to spin up on us sometimes! The ears are from H&M; got them a year ago though. I’m sure they have others currently; saw a few when I went in last week.

      Hope you have a great week xx

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