Feminine Appeal



Top: New Look | “Skirt” & Accessories: H&M

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins


Hi all, hope you’re well and have had a great week.

What do you have planned for this weekend? For me, there’s lots of eating to be done, whoop whoop (Haha!). I’ve got quite a number of social gatherings to attend. Do follow me on Snapchat at ‘Fumzfumz’ to stay updated.

Staying true to the post; I put up a boomerang video of this outfit on my Instagram last week, and most people were so interested in knowing where the skirt is from.  *Drum roll*

So, moment of confession; this skirt is a DRESS from H&M.

I’m sure we all have partaken of fashion/beauty hacks, which have been highly glorified of recent. I personally don’t have that many; my main go-to being using an earring as a broach, which always does its job. The outfit displayed on this post is as far as it’s gotten.

Funny enough, I have had a shoot with this dress in the past, but didn’t like the images that followed. Ever since, I’ve sought to revitalise it in differing ways. It’s no doubt that fringes still are en trend; the sleeves were simply tucked in for the large pocket effect; turning the dress around, having the front neckline at the back, lent to some feminine appeal 😉 😉 , whilst the studded belt inferred a conservative stance. I love it – hope you do too!

Do you have any fashion or beauty hacks? Share them below, might snag one of them.


Be right back,

Funmi xx












Images by Jon Osibo

    1. Sorry love, I got it last year. Highly doubt one will be able to get them anywhere at this time.

      Thanks for stopping by xx

  1. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog, I now konw another fab blogger- you! I checked out your Insta as well and I’m now following you.
    Love the skirt, it makes me want to Tina Turner shimmy.
    Fashion hacks…I used to be a full time stylist so I was/still am turning things on their head- using tops, skirts etc as turbans and the like.
    Have a fab Mon! ( :

    1. Thank you darling. Yes, it did make me shimmy too.
      Oh yesss, I use other garments as turbans also.

      Hope you’re having a great week xx

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