We Turned One!



Top: Primark     |     Trousers & Purse: Zara

Heels & Neck Piece: Dorothy Perkins

It’s occasionally said that only a very few businesses/blogs survive their first year. Well, may I congratulate us, as we happen to be a ration of that ‘few’. We recently turned one – Whoop whoop!

To say that I’m thankful would be an understatement; Yet, for a lack of a better word, I regardless will say I’m very much thankful – To God, family, friends, clients, those I’ve worked with in the past year, those that have made enquiries, friendship that I’ve gained in the process, to those who constantly show interest in my content, and to silent viewers (LOL!) I very much do appreciate you all.

The first year was interesting. I say interesting because it aroused my interest, desires and the want to commit in many ways. On starting the blog, I had not foreseen its state to be whatever it currently is, but as a supplement to the Capes entity, showing how it could be worn. Over time, I’ve witnessed my aspirations for blogging broaden. Although not executed as occasionally as I’d have loved due to unforeseeable setbacks, yet the interest still remains; for which reason I can say I look forward to the New Year.

Speaking of the outfit, I’d bought this pair of satin trousers from Zara towards the end of summer, and having to wait till next summer to wear it wasn’t an option, ah! To make it fit for season, I simply paired it with a high neck jumper. The jumper’s quite fine in texture and I adore its colour. I had to get two others, grey and burgundy/marsala. I must mention that although its outlook is great, I had a few issues with the stitches, the neck rolls mostly. Do bear that in mind when purchasing. This outfit will be suitable for near-casual Christmas parties. I’m contemplating putting together a holiday lookbook, so do come back to check that out.

Once again, congratulations to us on our first anniversary. I look forward to sharing many more with you, especially the year ahead. I’ll be putting up another post addressing my blogging experience in detail, what is to come, and advice to those who might be considering blogging.

Much Love!











Images by Jonathan Osibo www.jkphoto.org.uk


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