Jacket, Top, Bag & Boots: Zara | Trousers: Topshop

Hi all, hope everyone’s well and wrapping warm amidst this uncertain weather here in London. For my friends across the pond, and wherever your gorgeousness might have emerged from, I hope you all are having a great week!

Actually, if everyone could state below where they’re reading from, that’d be awesome. Really would love to know as I’ve always wondered.

Without further ado, let’s get onto today’s post.

Consequential to my last post discussing fitness, this week I did something I never would have thought will happen, if at all, so soon. I went to the gym – TWICE, and I loved it! I’ve always worked out at home and did some run in the park, which so far has been good enough to keep me fit, however not yielding my desired results. Having said that, the gym still wasn’t an option due to…

  1. Intimidation: I once visited a gym, attempting to register. On getting through the door, I felt quite intimidated and helpless by the sight of people flexing muscles and in their zone. Also, with no human attendant and being directed to register via a machine, I felt pretty much lost…and just walked back out. It was quite a funny experience.
  2. Time: My work schedule is very flexible; although is positive mostly, can also serve otherwise as I tend to be on the edge with my free time. Also, wouldn’t want to pay so much to not attend.

So, many thanks to Adam who invited me to the gym this week. It truly was helpful having someone to guide me through the process, and also educate me on how to use the machines, ah! I’ll be sure to visit as often as can; I’m hoping for at least three times per week. Also to mention, I’m not trying to lose weight, just aiming to become toned and develop some areas…peaches 😉 😉 Hehe!

Today’s look depicts another all black affair. I’m unsure as to how many more black coupled looks are to come haha, but be expectant. Just a tease; I’m sure there’ll be some colour soon. I love this outfit as it’s very me; very relaxed-unbothered, yet edgy! I hope you do too.

Be Right Back,

Funmi xx


Images by Jon Osibo.

  1. Loved your jacket and the whole outfit – I love black outfits, there was a time that I wore black outfits, from head to toe including accessories, for 9 months in a row! And I loved that! Maybe I go back to that one day, I remember I liked that phase! So I am loving your outfits and you look very beautiful! I would also feel intimidate at the gym… but I know that this year I have to start doing something 🙂 I will go back home next month (near Birmingham), right now I am on a road trip. Hope you have a very nice weekend!

  2. I’m all about your aviator jacket hawneeey! And I’m writing you from Berlin. Good on you for making it to the gym, twiiiiice! I know what you mean gyms can be intimidating. In my 20s, I went through a short phase where I was a gym addict and that;s coz it was 3 mins from my house and all women, I loved that time of my life, tsigh…
    I am sick so I couldnt do the training for the dance class I’m teaching at end of month buuut I scheduled some time today and tomorrow to go to a studio and beast it out, I hope I can do that.
    I did make my iyengar yoga class this week though.
    Wishing you an awesome weekend hon. X

  3. Love your jacket so much! I’ve been going to the gym since September and I really enjoy it. Running is just not for me lol! I’m reading from Manchester! xx


  4. I love your all black look. It’s so strong and pretty. I think I large dark colors too.

    The first time I went to a gym, I also felt so lost and unwanted lol, so I definitely understand. I also just want to develop some areas but it all gets hectic, and sometimes with the weather, I’m tempted to stay back at home.

    Wish you the best with your fitness goals.


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