Potentiality That Is


Hi all, hope you’re having a great weekend.

Today’s post is very much different to what you might be accustomed to on my blog, as I’ll be sharing with you a poem I wrote recently.

Poetic language is an art that is dear to my heart – the ability to communicate a tale providing as much information as desired, whilst leaving room for ambiguity. In my case, lots of ambiguity and the need to decipher what exactly is being communicated.

With regards to the outfit, I employed the floral Parisian look coupled with the off-shoulder trend.

Here we go!


Dress: Miss Selfridge | Shoes: New Look (Old) | Flowers: Local florist

Potentiality That Is

Absconding that which stood right by me
Even for a split second I failed to realise
Realise impossibly the possibility of that which could be possible

Maybe for once I refuse to acknowledge
Acknowledge one that breathed right by me
Touches, feelings, impeccably dismissed
Dismissed without a shadow of doubt

Belated realisation
Realisation of the potentiality that is – you – could be
Efforts to put into perspective what is, deemed preposterous
Much so now, seems superfluous

Seeking to redeem myself
Redeem myself from this afire love
Several contemplations, thoughts impossibly thought possible
Strategic occasions, needing orchestrated actions
Whilst when I was, the thought of which became unthought of
Only but realised, I myself needed to be  redeemed
Unable to coagulate the potentiality that is – you – could be

Silver and gold, I may have none
But all that I am, have, my last name, I hope to give to you

In heart of hearts I find you
You, my honest indulgence

With love’s truest satisfaction
I embrace thee with redeeming adoration

Where audience may congregate
It’s only you I see

Seeing through you, my priciest possession
Guarding you with my deadliest weapon
– I am selfish for your love

The emancipation of a believer
Made the potentiality that is you – us – possible. A reality.














Hope you like the poem as much as I do. Please leave a comment below sharing what you think, and your understanding of the poem.

Be right back!

Funmi xx


‘Darling…’ written by Funmi Alabi  Images by Jon Osibo

  1. You look great I love the dress miss self ridge always got nice stuff. You are such a talented writer you should think of writing a book I know it a lot of energy but I think you can do it

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