My First Puffer Jacket


Jacket & Culottes: Zara | Top: H&M | Chocker: New Look

 Trainers: Stan Smith – Adidas


Can you believe that up until now I’d never owned a puffer jacket? I’ve always admired them, only couldn’t take the step towards getting one. Just like everything done for the first time, it either has to be spontaneous or meticulously planned, also feeling right! The event leading up to me getting this jacket was more of the former, coupled with the pressing cold weather.

I’d gone into Zara to look into their winter coats, but of course one loses their motive when there’s a sale. I picked up a few ( 😉 ) items of clothing after which looking at the queue, it seemed rather unappealing. My usual resort is to try the attendants at the kids section (usually less busy). I proceeded towards the till, and whilst still on the escalator, this jacket suddenly caught my eye. It must have had a halo and stars glistening around it – I kid. What in the world whispered to me to have a closer look, I’m unsure. Whatever it was, I’m thankful haha! I tried it on (Unashamedly you bet, now covers face), it fitted perfectly. Hol’up, is this really a child’s coat? Did a mummy bring this here – for me? Without asking too many questions, I took it to the till, only cashing out £15.99. The attendant was really impressed for some reason. Lol!

You know what, I like it; it does it’s job. Spontaneous occasions birthing something valuable.  Will I check in to the kid’s section more often? I highly doubt it, ah. I actually am in search of another one (women’s wear, need I mention 😀 haha). Are there any you can recommend?

Do you have any golden pieces you’ve picked up on likewise spontaneous moments? Do share your stories below, would love to read them.


Be right Back,

Funmi xx

Images by Jon Osibo.

  1. I loved your coat! No, I didn’t know that this is your first one! I had one some years ago and I found it was so comfy. Your is really great, very beautiful and you look lovely! You always look beautiful and I loved the pictures! Hope you have a beautiful week!

  2. Such a fantastic pairing! I love the puffer jacket and grey tones. You looks stunning too, and I’m loving the hair. Gorgeous

  3. I can’t believe how effortlessly and perfectly you styled your first bomber, and that olive color suits you amazingly well! One of the best casual looks I have seen lately, and paired with the dark purple lipstick is absolutely amazing!
    Thanks for the inspiration my dear Funmi!

  4. First of all, I’m loving this Ms Ross hair do! And ooooh Zara Sales, they are my fav sales, I walk away with so many timeless fab pieces! Your puffer is bomb boo and puuuurfect for the windy weather! X

  5. I had a puffer jacket when I was younger but not since then. Zara is really a gem you can find so many great deals there. I used to be able to rock the kid section all the time, but not anymore. lol, those were the good ole days. Have a great weekend Funmi 🙂

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