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Hi all, hope you’re well! Feels like I’ve been away for a long time; although it’s only been a couple of days.

This past week was extremely busy, yet productive if I do say so myself. Starting the week, I attended the LFW Bloggers Hangout event, organised for both bloggers and brands. I’d like to think the organisers had me in mind when they were organising this event. Many thanks guys!

On arriving at the event, which was held at a photography studio in Hoxton, I immediately somewhat felt amused. My initial expectations of the event were proven otherwise. The room was full, as a great number of bloggers had turned up. Most of which were in their stylish, chic and admirable all black – dress code. I was able to identify a few of the bloggers, and had to introduce myself and engage in some getting-to-know conversations with others. All present at the event were lovely and pleasing to converse with.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll understand that I’m currently on a healthy lifestyle journey – making healthier choices with the hope of it becoming standard eating habit. How has it been? Mostly okay. A few cheats here and there, but generally on most occasions, I do try to stick to the idea. So I was glad when it became apparent that most of the brands, if not all, were promoting products aiding a healthy lifestyle. I almost felt like a kid in a candy store. I approached every brand representative with such a glee smirk, and was impressed by the products. There were some beauty brands also, which equally drew my interests.


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Thanks to Frank Bars

Before I go on to talk about the granola bars, may I commend Frank for being one of the most polite, easy to converse with, man ever. He was sweet lol. He literally took his time to provide information about the bars. With a wide range of flavours, the bars are handmade using the finest grains, best fruits and nuts. They are also gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. I LOVED every bit of it!

Pic’s Peanut Butter

Maintaining a high protein diet is paramount for me at this stage, and peanut butter, on most occasion, aids that. The ladies at the stand were so excited about the product, which got me excited also. Still am. It’s been accounted to be New Zealand’s NO.1 peanut butter. From tasting it, I really could tell why. I loved the crunchy ones. It tasted great, with every mouth full appreciating the natural products used and the care applied when producing each bottle. They are high in Omega 9, and great in ensuring maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels. It’s certainly a great product, and I do hope I can get my hand on a bottle, replacing the one I currently take.

Co Yo

Co Yo is an award winning coconut milk yoghurt brand; free of dairy, soya, gluten, nut, egg, lactose, no added sugar and no artificial addictives. Awesome, right?! It has a rich, smooth taste, and with a wide range of flavours, I believe there’s bound to be something for everyone. Not only can they be taken as they are, you can add to smoothies and also use as a base for sauces.


Approaching the Naturigin stand, not only was I drawn by the representatives’ cheerful appearance, but by their lovely, silky and healthy hair. We all know what it’s like dying one’s hair – the uncertainty as to whether the hair colouring will turn out as hoped for, let alone the smell. Naturigin offers 19 natural based, 100% permanent hair colours, promising accuracy and an odourless experience. I really can’t wait to try it out. I’ll be sure to provide a review once I do.


Ark Sincare

Ark is another brand I was intrigued by. It’s a British skincare brand, which treats skin by age and offers resolutions which are made using natural ingredients. They cater towards women of all ages, so there’s definitely something for everyone. I also fell in love with their packaging. The bottle has a leak-free cap, aiding travel and home use. It’s method of dispensing the product is also unique, ensuring that you get the right amount of product needed and also not transferring bacteria to the remaining contents of the bottle. I definitely would love to try out their products.


I LOVE cake! The Popkakery stand was actually the last one I visited, mainly for the fact that I was trying to be good with the healthy lifestyle. Lol. I had to give in to this temptation. The cakes looked too good to be ignored! It tasted even better – rich and moist. More, please?


All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the event and appreciate every brand represented. There are a few more I’d like to mention; I might have a part 2 to this review. You certainly should check out the brands mentioned, as they’re worth it.


Ps; Please pardon the photo quality. I really should invest in a personal camera. Oh my birthday’s coming up soon, any takers? 😉


Have a great week all!

Funmi xx



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