Hi, hope you all are well? Thanks for stopping by once again. On this post, I’ll be giving you a few tips on effective accountability. Do take notes if you wish. Certainly share with friends, families, even your work colleagues. Points given can be generally applied to any given situation.

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The extent to which you are accountable will determine the extent to which you are successful.

On a good number of occasions, people automatically assume that to be accountable wholesomely refers to the ability to take responsibility for the outcome of an act committed. In as much as that’s correct, the idea is ineffective.  Being accountable goes way beyond taking responsibility for an outcome. Also to bear in mind are:  the inception of an idea, the factors that justify it as a viable alternative to other options that might have been available, and the conclusion as to why that particular way of executing the idea was the best option.

The onus of success or failure of a task lies essentially with the individual, with only a fraction being that of unforeseeable factors, of which effect may vary.  Accountability isn’t only justified by your mindset, but also by one’s skill-set. Shortcoming on either stance will affect productivity.

Below I’ll share with your some essential elements of accountability. These factors can pretty much be applied to whatever situation you may find yourself. I.e. Business, relationships or other everyday life choices.

  • Assess the situation: As mentioned above, being accountable starts at the inception of an idea. In order to make successful and effective choices, it’s essential that you carefully analyse the situation or idea. At this stage, you’re able to decipher the characteristics and possible outcomes an idea may present. The information gained should be helpful in decision making, and also monitoring the progress of the procedure that will be set in place.
  • Police yourself: Ensure that decisions made are scrutinized both from a subjective and objective viewpoint. Motives, required commitment to task, possible approach to task, and an awareness of skills strength and weaknesses are to be actualised at this stage. Remember, your skills-set do play a vital role.
  • Employ a reliable source: Emphasis on the word, ‘reliable’. Following the second point, where you deem fit to employ the expertise of another, please do. The need for such services may apply to varying aspects of the whole process. They might be needed in helping you understanding the objective stance of the idea, or the execution process, or even mentor you through the entire process. That’s for you to decide.
  • Evaluate: Whilst employing another’s services can be beneficial, so is the need to evaluate their opinions before applying whatever help is rendered. In as much as you have your motives, so does everyone else; regardless of assumed reliability. Also, until you understand fully that which you’ve been offered, you might not truly appreciate the importance of their perspective or services.
  • Accept the outcome: Now that you have set the idea in motion and you’re beginning to see results, OWN IT! Regardless of what the outcome is, embrace it. Celebrate every success and assess every shortcoming. The decision to shy away from failure will prevent you from learning that which you ought to. Consequently giving way to making the same mistakes in the future. Likewise if successful, the need to understand what worked is essential for future gains. Once again as the first point states, assess the situation.

Now those are the key to success, lol!

I very much do hope the above are helpful. Do you have differing opinions on accountability? Or are there other points you may wish to contribute? Please leave a comment below, would love to hear from you.

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  1. Loved this and definitely agree! Owning the outcome is so crucial because it’s so important to own success as well as failure, it’s essential for future learnings!

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