3 Things You Should Prioritise In 2020


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Hey my lovelies, hope you all are well and having a great week! I’m so pleased to be back in this space – one we both share. Honestly, my return has been a long time coming; however, it’s been one thing then another that has brought me where we’re now at. Nonetheless, I’m happy I finally have arrived. Ps; I hope y’all missed me! *Smirks* Did you notice the blog makeover? What do you think hunny? *smiles* This feels good. I feel good.

Onto today’s post, shall we? Whilst life has progressed me over the past year, there are three things I did learn to hold dearly and surely will encourage anyone and everyone to maintain this year and perhaps, make a mantra for life.

  • Protect Your Peace: Oh my, I can’t emphasise this one enough. Anything that costs you your peace of mind is way too expensive – that boy, career or whatever it might be – let it go…or rest! If it feels unhealthy, it probably is! Peace is a constant state of mind free from anxiety, negativity and any need for comparison which inevitably diminishes your ability to feel – you. Choose to focus on what’s positive, set boundaries if you must, spend time with people that fuel you positively and stay away from whatever depletes you.
  • Prioritise Your Mental Health: How you think will determine how you feel, which also will have an effect on how you act. I think the first step to achieving this is being honest with oneself – get to know you and understand what your strengths and weaknesses are. What makes you tick? Never go overboard that to prove anything to anyone, not even yourself. Have regular reflective moments, keep a journal, take breaks from things that strain or drain you. Above all, learn to say no. ‘No’ is equally a honest answer as ‘yes’ is.
  • Pursue That Goal or Ambition: Talk is cheap, so let’s go beyond that; allow your actions to fuel your purpose. Learn to invest in yourself, learn to do things yourself. A year or ten from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it.

As essential as the above are, I very much understand they don’t come by easily. So with my hands in yours, let’s do this together, each step at a time.

Be Right Back,


    1. I’m glad you can agree, Allie. The better we are at prioritising our well-being, the more productive we’ll become all round. x

    1. You’re right! Social media does play a huge part. We all need to be mindful with what we feed our minds and what or who we allow influence us. xx

    1. I’m glad you agree it’s an important aspect of our well-being.
      Wishing you all the best on your journey. xx

  1. First of all you look magnificent girl! i love this boss girl look!

    i’ve actually started making a list of goals that i would like to achieve before i die. i don’t want my life to turn to just living from one weekend to another and be all about work as it turns to be for a lot of people nowadays. super exciting compiling the list!

    Elegant duchess xx

    1. Thank you so much lovely.

      I very much agree, one must be intentional about living. Making such a list has crossed my mind a few times, perhaps it’s time I do it. xx

  2. Ms Fumi fums! so happy to havae you back in the blogosphere! And I’m also happy that after 3 freakn’ weeks, I got my laptop back from the repair shop and now i can catch up on blogs etc. it’s my preferred way of doing so….guuurl those tips you gave are very apt for these corona times! Especially the part about protecting your mental health. i’ve had a few slumps in the last week, but so far have managed to get back on the ol’ horse!
    As for chasing ambtions, that’s going to be challenging in some ways because it’s going to be harder to find motivation when we just dont know how long this city shut down will go for, the effect it will have on businesses, jobs…
    buuuuut as long as we are alive, i guess we have to keep on trying and maybe set smaller goals to get us through the day…
    Ok, that’s enough from me!
    stay healthy hon!

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