3 Things You Should Prioritise In 2020


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Hey my lovelies, hope you all are well and having a great start to the week! I’m so pleased to be back in this place – a space where we both share. Honestly, my return has been long-coming; however, it’s been one thing then another that has brought me where we’re now at. Nonetheless, I’m happy I have finally arrived. Ps; did you notice the blog renovation? What do you think hunny? *smiles*

Whilst life has progressed me over the past year, there are three things I did learn to hold dearly and surely will encourage anyone and everyone to maintain in this year and perhaps, make a mantra for life.

  • Protect Your Peace: Oh my, I can’t emphasise this one enough. Anything that costs you your peace of mind is way too expensive.
  • Prioritise Your Mental Health: How you think will determine how you feel, which inevitable will have an effect on how you act.
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